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Compare Drywall Installation, Repair and Finishing Cost & Price Lists

The Drywall Price Guide is here to provide you with clear and concise information about the installation and repair of Drywall in your home. This includes clear project prices for installation and repair and a detailed look at Drywall types.

Welcome to your one-stop source for information about drywall installation and repair! On these pages, you’ll discover:

  • Your drywall options, including both drywall types and textures and the right product for your project
  • Accurate pricing for materials and labor, so you can plan drywall costs
  • What others are paying for similar work done on their homes
  • Additional help including tools & materials lists
  • Links to helpful drywall installation and price information around the Web

The help you’ll find includes a guide to Drywall Installation cost & prices and installation tips. An overview of the types of drywall available and where each one is designed to be used will help you select the right product for your home or commercial building. We break down drywall estimates into the price of the material and the cost of labor, so you’ll know how much you can save by doing the work yourself or what to expect if you hire a professional.

Overview of Drywall Costs & Prices

Drywall Costs Average Cost Range
Generic Drywall Installation $1.30 – $2.02 per sq. ft.
Generic Drywall Repair $185 – $220

Overview of Drywall Costs by Project

Drywall Costs by Project Type
Project Average Cost Range
Cost to Drywall a House $9,150 – $28,250
Cost to Drywall a Garage $1000 – $5000
Cost to Drywall a Basement $1850 – $5750
Cost to Drywall a Ceiling $0.90 – $1.50 per sq. ft.
Cost to Drywall a Room $1.30 – $2.25 per sq. ft.

The Drywall Installation Prices and Costs guide offers tips for hanging and finishing drywall, the tools required and a list of links to excellent resources about hanging, finishing and repairing drywall. Finally, there’s a place our readers to share actual drywall installation costs, so feel free to join the discussion!

A guide to Drywall Repair Prices and Costs discusses the types of repairs commonly needed and the best way to accomplish them. You’ll find drywall repair prices for handymen and drywall contractors. The guide provides a list of tools and materials needed for drywall repair and several links to outside pages with detailed information on repairing drywall. It concludes with user-submitted drywall repair prices to give you a better idea of what to expect. We’d love to have you share your drywall repair costs to benefit other readers.

The Guide to Drywall Types and Prices provides a detailed description of the types and thicknesses of drywall available and where each one is installed. Your options include: standard, moisture-resistant, paperless, fire-resistant and sound-control products. It offers you assistance in selecting the right drywall type and thickness for your needs.

Thank you for checking out the Drywall Price Guide! These pages are filled with valuable information that will take the guesswork out of drywall installation and repair costs, whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional. However, should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, as we’re always happy to help. Enjoy the site, and we wish you the best with your drywall project!

Recently Completed Drywall Projects With Submitted Prices & Costs

The following are price estimates or completed job prices for drywall installation or repairs, these are submitted to us through our simple project form and are updated on a regular basis. Take the time to add your project details to the list below, using our Project Submission Form.

Type Details Where? Sq. Ft. Cost Per Sq .Ft Total Cost
Repair Two holes to be patched, seams along ONE drywall panel re-taped and mudded. Ceiling 100 sq. ft. $4.00 $400.00
Repair Ceiling Repair Ceiling 100 sq. ft. $2.50 $250.00
Install 4 x 8 sheets of paper faced 1/2 inch thick gypsum board Kitchen 150 sq. ft. $2.08 $312.00
Install 1/2 inch moisture reistant sheetrock, 9 ft height ceiling Various Rooms 650 sq. ft. $1.99 $1,292.91
Install 1/2 inch standard drywall to kitchen and extension, 8 ft height ceiling Kitchen and Dining Extension 300 sq. ft. $1.86 $558.31
Repair Drywall repair in approximately 6 bedrooms Bedrooms 3,400 sq. ft. $1.13 $3,000
Install Installdrywall into garage conversion. Garage 144 sq. ft. $5.20 $748
Repair / Patching Repair and patch a damaged ceiling within the sitting room area. Sitting Room Unknown $2.00 – $2.25 Unknown
Install and Repair Repair and install following water damage. Various Rooms 315 sq. ft. $3.80 $1200
 Install and Repair Repair a ceiling following foot through ceiling accident Upstairs Bedroom 12 sq. ft.  $12.50 $150