About the Drywall Price Guide

william johnstonWelcome to the Drywall Price Guide website. This website has been created by William Johnston as a product from years of experience in the home improvement industry. The Drywall Price Guide website was started a short while ago now following a home accident where the website owner accidentially put his foot through his living room ceiling, leading to ceiling drywall damage. Willam found that obtaining an estimate from a repair contractor in his area difficult and time consuming – and so The Drywall Price Guide was born.

Aiming to bring you all of the information that you require for your Drywall Installation or Repair project, including product calculators, price lists and instructions for all main types
and kinds of drywall.

Our drywall professionals have years of experience with installation, repair and estimating drywall costs. That experience shows in our expert information, but we also provide you with links to great resources beyond this site.

Our goal is to help you find the right drywall product for your needs and give you accurate pricing for hanging, finishing and repairing drywall.

Our Drywall Price Guide Website

We’ve made it easy to find the information you need. These main sections are great places to start:

  • Drywall Installation Prices and Costs – Giving you a full and thorough breakdown of the prices and costs you’re likely to face in a general drywall installation project. Including, the materials, the labor, the removal and the installation.
  • Drywall Repair Prices and Costs – Had an accident at home? Our Repair Guide covers the main problems you’re likely to face with drywall and the best ways to fix it. Including, possible costs for materials, labor, removal and re-installation. We also talk heavily about re-taping drywall.
  • Guide to Drywall Types and Prices – Looking for prices on a specific drywall type? Our Drywall Types Guide provides prices for each main type of drywall including standard, moisture resistant, paperless and more.

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We look forward to being of help!

William Johnston – Contact me any time through our simple “Contact” page.

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