Cost to Drywall a Room

The Average Drywall Installation Cost for all drywall types and rooms is $1.30 to $4.00 per square foot.$1.30 – $2.25 per square foot

The cost to drywall a room using standard drywall is $1.30 – $2.25 per square foot. This assumes, of course, that the room is framed. When specialty drywall is required, cost is higher. The cost to drywall a room with specialty drywall types is discussed below.

Here are cost ranges homeowners pay for drywall in bedrooms, home offices, living rooms and rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms range in size from 12×15 to 20×25. More detailed pricing follows.

Low Cost$825
Average Cost$1,550
High Cost$2,400

This guide answers the question, “How Much Does it Cost to Drywall a Room?”

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Cost to Drywall a 15’x20′ Room
Cost FactorLow CostAverage CostHigh Cost
Drywall TypeStandardMoisture-resistant (1 )Fire-resistant (1 )
Ceiling Height8 feet9 feet9-12 feet
Drywall RemovalNoNoYes or No
Ceiling DrywallYesYesYes
Cost per Sq. Ft. (2)$1.35 – $1.60$1.75 – $2.00$2.10 – $2.25
(1) One wall. Moisture-resistant drywall is used on walls adjoining a bathroom; fire-resistant drywall is used on walls adjoining a garage or workshop.
(2) Cost is per square foot of drywall area including walls and ceiling.
Cost to Drywall a Room

There are several factors that affect the cost to drywall a room, and they’re discussed below. Room size is one of them. If a drywall contractor is doing just one room, then the cost per square foot goes down a little as the size of the room gets bigger.

Here is a list of drywall prices for common small, medium, and large room sizes. The square footage includes all walls, a 9-foot ceiling with allowances for a door and one or more windows plus the 5% waste common to most projects.

  • 10×10 – total surface area of 460 square feet: $874
  • 12×12 – total surface area of 576 square feet: $1,035
  • 15×20 – total surface area of 840 square feet: $1,350
  • 20×25 – total surface area of 1,040 square feet: $1,475

Drywall Installation Cost Comparison Chart

This chart compares the average price to drywall a room when different cost factors are involved.

Cost to Drywall a Room – 8-foot Wall Height + Ceiling
Cost to Drywall a 10×15 RoomCost to Drywall a 12×20 RoomCost to Drywall a 20×25 Room
Total Surface Area550 square feet752 square feet1,220
Low Cost$825$1,090$1,735
Average Cost$970$1,280$2,115
High Cost$1,200$1,550$2,540

Price Factors in the Cost to Drywall a Room

Below is a list of factors that will affect the cost of drywalling a room.

Drywall Type: The type of drywall you’re using will be a big factor in the total cost of your project. Standard drywall is the most budget-friendly drywall type. Our calculations in this drywall cost guide factor in standard drywall on all walls – or all except one in cases the room you are drywalling adjoins a damp bathroom or a room with a fire potential. Fire-resistant drywall and moisture-resistant drywall increase cost per wall by up to 25%. Sound-dampening drywall is even costlier.

Ceiling Height: The higher your ceiling, the more drywall your project will require. The most common standard drywall size is 4 x 8 feet, but it is also available in 4 x 10 feet and 4 x 12 feet. If your ceiling is 8 feet high, the room can be drywalled using full 4 x 8 panels, and the installer won’t have to cut any drywall to size. A simple installation like this will cost less than a more complicated one. Walls and ceiling drywall installation cost will be higher in rooms with vaulted / cathedral ceilings.

Number of Corners: Cutting drywall and trimming in corners takes time – and time is money to the drywall installer, so cost rises when the room has more than 4 corners.

Obstacles: Trimming around windows, doors, a fireplace, bookshelf and other challenges also cause a slight increase in time and cost. Most drywall contractors “eyeball” the job and make a mental note of whether it is easy, average or difficult, and use a scale to estimate drywall installation cost.

Drywall Thickness: Drywall is available in 1/4” to 5/8” thick. Thicker drywall often, but not always, costs a little more per sheet. And pros know that 1/4″ and 3/8” drywall doesn’t belong on ceilings due to the potential for sagging.

Room Size / How Many Rooms: As noted, larger rooms cost a little less per square foot. The same is true if you’re having multiple rooms or the entire house drywalled. Cost per square foot goes down with volume.

Where you Live: What’s the cost of living like in your area? It will be reflected in the prices charged by contractors. Cost of living can have an impact of up to 30% on pricing.

Doing it Yourself: DIY drywall cost is about 40% lower than pro installation. But if you want professional results, be really good at it or hire a contractor.

Breakdown of Drywall Costs

This drywall cost estimate is for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and similar rooms – not for kitchens or bathrooms where most walls will be covered in moisture-resistant or fire-resistant drywall or other specialty type.

What features are included in rooms with low, average, and high total costs?

Low Cost – $1.30 per square foot. This price is for rooms that require the most basic drywall installation – 1/2″ standard drywall, installed in a room with four corners and 8 foot ceilings.

Average Cost – $1.90 per square foot. This price is for rooms that require more labor during installation, such as a room with more than four corners, or a room with 8 – 10 foot ceilings. This price is also for rooms that require specialty drywall on one wall max.

High Cost – $2.50 per square foot. This price is for rooms with complicated drywall installation such as extra trimming or wall heights that require ladders, stilts or scaffolding to reach the top of.

How to Determine How Much Drywall You Need

The amount of drywall needed for a room is determined by the square footage of the walls of the room. In order to get an accurate number for how much drywall you will need, measure the height and width of each wall, and multiply them together for the square footage. Add the square feet for each wall together to find the total square footage that you will need to cover with drywall. We recommend that you add 5% (pro installation) to 8% (inexperienced DIY) to this final amount so that your measurement accounts for waste from trimming around windows, doors, countertops, etc. We also recommend looking at this useful tool, which can help calculate the amount of drywall required.

Drywall Building Code Compliance

An important thing to be aware of while you are planning your drywall project is that some areas require specific drywall in certain areas of the house. For example, all homes are required to use fire-resistant drywall on the walls separating the house from the garage. Most areas also require a home to use fire-resistant drywall in utility closets that contain flammable items like boilers.

Keep in mind, though, that this cost to drywall a room estimate includes rooms with no walls or one wall requiring specialty options.

Drywall Removal Cost

Expect to pay less than $1.00 per square foot to remove it and dispose of it yourself – either by renting a dumpster if you have thousands of square feet of it or by getting rid of it a little at a time in your weekly garbage pickup. When the removal and disposal are included in the cost of drywall replacement, expect estimates of $2.00 per square foot or a little higher.

For more information on drywall removal costs, check out our Drywall Installation Cost Guide.

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